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ATT TAL-2019 DWAR L-EDUKAZZJONI 24/06/2022 Download
HEALTHY SPACES - co-creating child-friendly spaces in towns and villages in Malta 02/06/2022 Download
Emergent Mathematical Thinking in the Context of Play 31/05/2022 Download
Early Childhood and Primary Education Transitions in the Lives of Young Children 31/05/2022 Download
Early Childhood Education and Care May 2021 National Policy Framework for Malta and Gozo 31/05/2022 Download
Early childhood education & care in Malta: The way forward (2014) 30/05/2022 Download
What Makes Me? Core Capacities for Living and Learning 30/05/2022 Download
Toolkit for Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care 30/05/2022 Download
Malta National Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 30/05/2022 Download
Every Child’s Right to be Heard: A Resource Guide on the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child 30/05/2022 Download
Defining Quality in Early Childhood Education: Parents' Perspective 30/05/2022 Download
National Curriculum Framework for All (2012) 30/05/2022 Download