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Education for sustainable development in the early years

Jane Spiteri is a lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, within the Faculty of Education, at the University of Malta. She holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh with a doctoral research on Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood. She has a long a standing interest in environmental learning with young children. She has published her research in peer-reviewed scholarship on education for sustainable development, early childhood education, outdoor learning, participatory research methods with young children, and gifted and talented education.

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S.T.E.A.M projects through the E-Twinning platform

Brief Bio:

Six years ago, I graduated from MCAST LV5 in Advanced Early years and since then I have been teaching at Kindergarten level (alternating Kinder 1 & Kinder 2). I currently teach Kinder 2 at San Ġorġ Preca College, Ħamrun S.S Primary School, using the combination of both S.T.E.A.M education and that of the Emergent Curriculum.

Back in the scholastic year 2016/2017, I was searching for more growth in my profession when I came across an E-Twinning workshop in the same year. From there on I embarked on both local and also European projects which improved my teaching pedagogy through various collaborations whilst also gaining several Quality labels both on a local and European level. After my second year in E-Twinning, my interest in the platform increased and in 2018 I have been appointed as an E-Twinning Ambassador making the journey even more pleasant and a fruitful learning one.  

Seeking for more knowledge and growth throughout my teachings, I combined what I love doing most to enhance S.T.E.A.M-tastic activities through E-Twinning, leading me to a world of both personal and professional outcomes through collaborated works.

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