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The Early Childhood Development Association of Malta (ECDAM) was launched on the 1st of April 2016. The registered voluntary non-profit organisation aims to strengthen the values, knowledge and skills of all those involved in Early Childhood Education and Care through monthly events (October-June). It also provides a voice representing children aged 0-7 years, their families and the Early Childhood Education and Care profession to promote and support high-quality early years provision.


ECDAM is formed to further and promote:

1. The inherent rights, education and well-being of all children in home, school and community;
2. High-quality programmes and practices for the education and care of young children;
3. Active cooperation between all individuals and groups concerned with the care and development of young children;
4. Encouragement of continuous professional growth of educators, and enhancement of parents’ values, knowledge and skills to make the early years count.

ECDAM Honorary Members:

Professor Carmen Dalli (University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Professor Valerie Sollars (University of Malta)

Dr Jools Page (University of Brighton)

Her Excellency President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca


ECDAM is an Affiliate Member of Eurochild and The Malta Children’s Association Network (MaltaCAN).