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Developing self-determination in young children with disabilities

Developing self-determination in young children with disabilities

Dr Jonathan Borg is a resident academic at the Department for Inclusion and Access to Learning at the University of Malta. After graduating as a Primary School teacher, Dr Borg furthered his studies with a Master’s Degree in Responding to Student Diversity, and worked for several years as an Early Interventionist. In 2016, Dr Borg was awarded a PhD in Inclusive Education from the University of Sheffield in the UK. His lecturing portfolio and research interests focus on inclusion, inclusive education, early intervention, person-centred planning, the development of self-determination, narrative research and, specifically, the use of creative nonfiction methdologies. Dr Borg coordinates the BA (Hons) in Facilitating Inclusive Education within the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta. His most recent publications include chapters in ‘Studies in Education: Perspectives from Malta’ and in Mapping the Rainbow’ which was launched by the Malta Ministry for Justice, Equality and Governance.

Presenter: Dr Jonathan Borg

Venue: Online via Zoom

Event Date: 18 Apr 2024

Event Time: 06:00 PM